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Online Coaching

£89 per month

Whether your goal is weight loss, adding muscle or functional development, we will work together to achieve your goals and develop your training knowledge for long term success!

Your monthly subscription includes:

A video conference once a week to discuss your progress, make adjustments and discuss any sticking points you may have.  

Nutritional support, analysis and education.  You will be taught the mechanics behind healthy eating and weight management.  This will help you to make the smart choices with your diet for now and the future.

Customised and evolving workouts specific to your needs and ability.  Workouts can be tailored to the gym, home or outdoors.

Education on proper warm up and cool down techniques to ensure safe training and faster recovery

One Personal training session is included in this package, this can be carried out in person or over a video call where we will go over any technical aspects of training that a Fitnessnyx training programme includes ensuring correct form to maximise benefits of exercise and keep you safe during training.

Online coaching has a minimum 3 month commitment to assure you give yourself the greatest chance of success.  This will cover one training cycle.  Fitnessnyx prides itself on flexibility and accessibility.  There is no obligation to continue after this period and no notice needs to be given to end the subscription.