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Personal Training Services

Face to face training for the best training experience possible

From £40 per session

Personal Training includes all of the following:

30 minute or 1 hour training sessions based around your personal requirements.  Additional training at home, outdoors or the gym can be programmed for. 

Most appropriate format for people new to training, regular gym goers, older adults and people recovering from injuries.  Face to face training assures continuous motivation, accountability and feedback assuring the best exercise experience possible.

Nutritional support, analysis and education.  You will be taught the mechanics behind healthy eating and weight management.  This will help you to make the smart choices with your diet for now and the future.

Education on proper warm up and cool down techniques to ensure safe training and faster recovery.

Session cost:

1 hour

£40 3+ per week 

£45 2 per week

£55 1 per week

30 mins 


Personal Training with FitnessNyx is billed as a monthly rolling contract priced on the number of sessions required. A minimum of 3 months training is recommended.  There is never any obligation to receive more training than you need, want or can budget for.

Contact me for more information.