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Some views from my clients…

Thanks to Matt’s training and lively personality I went from being intimidated by the gym to absolutely loving working out! Originally, I just wanted to be “fit and healthy” but Matt helped me develop clear goals. With his personalised program and nutritional advice I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes and increased my level of fitness, strength and muscle. I’ve been training with him for 18 months so far and still look forward to each session. Even though the workouts are tough he makes it fun by offering varied and interesting exercises.

Viet-Anh Vuong

Matt is an excellent trainer. He has been helping me with my functional fitness, working on strengthening the muscles around my joints and improving my overall fitness. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Fiona, 48 Working Mother

When I didn’t have a clear idea of my goals he gave me the structure and motivation I needed, and when I did he proved to be adaptable and responsive. I’ve really enjoyed my time with Matt. I’ve seen a ton of improvement in my fitness and coordination, and even as a broke student I still regard our sessions as excellent value for money! I’m looking forward to seeing how much more progress I can make over the summer!

Keiron 25, student

Matt is a professional, motivational, and considerate personal trainer – whatever your training requests, personal goals or starting ability.

T. Savill

All round likeable guy and he is like ‘Ronseal’, does exactly what he’s says on the tin.

J Crofts

Matt’s Circuit Classes on Saturday mornings gives me a reason to get up and enjoy the rest of the day. As an overweight 51 year old, I’ve noticed the difference in my fitness, stamina and weight loss. I’ve lost ½ stone.

Dave Preston

In-Depth With Phong

Phong was an absolute pleasure to train, showing what can be achieved with small changes to diet and exercise that make a big difference in the long run. We trained together after he had hit a plateau in his own and he quickly saw changes in his fitness and weight.


I started using the gym to keep fit but found myself getting a bit bored over time so I decided to participate in gym classes to change things up to stay motivated. If I am honest I randomly joined a “Pure Combat” class and it happen to be with Matt- whoever this bloke was. It was a very different workout to what I am used to, bringing Jujitsu influence to a gym class? Seriously!? But it worked… it worked very well that I found myself attending Matt’s class on a weekly basis.

I extended my attendance to his kettle bell classes on a weekly basis too and after each of these classes I felt good and felt I worked out hard – a proper workout! I thoroughly enjoyed Matt’s ways of teaching and found myself asking him questions about training and exercise which led to a one on one consultation session by appointment, basically to discuss what I wanted to achieve in my fitness goals and of course my personal objectives. I wanted to keep fit, lose some weight and build strength and Matt seemed the right trainer to help me achieve these goals.

I did something further out of my comfort zone and decided to sign up for personal training sessions with Matt. I signed up originally for 6 weeks as a ‘trial” but quickly noticed results during the weeks and I mean weight loss, fat loss, stamina and strength gains the lot that I ended up staying with Matt for a whole 13 weeks. The 13 weeks involved cardio workouts, using resistance machines, free weights and a combination of high intensity workout routines, sweats and banter.

Matt teaches you some funky techniques but who am I to complain since they worked and proved effective! For those reading, if your goals are the same, then Matt is the PT who can help with putting together a realistic workout routine personally for you to suit your ability. I enjoyed working with Matt mainly due to his knowledge, motivating energy and him giving 100% PT attention in each session I had booked with him. I definitely feel great and I am not going to lie, every time I walk past a reflective anything I take two steps back to look at myself!

Thanks Matt for your help with my fitness journey!!