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My Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy

My focus is your long term health and fitness. I don’t believe in gimmicks or a need to follow the latest fitness or nutrition fads; I will develop a training programme and nutrition plan that is specific to you, your abilities and your health needs. This is not a one-off task; as your Personal Trainer I will work with you to monitor progress in both these areas so that we can adjust our approach to evolve the programme and the plan to maximise the results that you achieve.


I will help you to achieve your training goals now, AND still be fit and healthy in twenty years time. Therefore, many of the exercises that I incorporate into my training programmes come from the latest recommendations by Physiotherapists for long term strength and fitness. So we will review your training plan and retire some of the ‘staple’ exercises that you have been doing for years as we now know that they are not as beneficial as once believed.


I take an evidence based approach to nutrition. There are no quick fixes to weight loss; success is the result of a balanced diet and exercise. I will support you to develop a sensible nutrition plan and provide advice that is based on properly researched studies to help you achieve your goals one step at a time through discipline and dedication.

Fitness for life

Training with me means that you will be provided with an effective, holistic and evidence based programme that will benefit you now and for the rest of your active life.