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Virtual Training With Online Coaching

Virtual Training with Online coaching 

From £30* and £35** per session

Due to the ever changing demands of modern life, video sessions may be most appropriate for your needs.  Virtual training includes everything you receive in Online Training, but with weekly personal training sessions via video call.  

Virtual Training and Online coaching includes:

30 minute or 1 hour training sessions based around your personal requirements.  Additional training at home, outdoors or the gym can be programmed for. 

A video conference once a week to discuss your progress, make adjustments and discuss any sticking points you may have.  

Nutritional support, analysis and education.  You will be taught the mechanics behind healthy eating and weight management.  This will help you to make the smart choices with your diet for now and the future.

Education on proper warm up and cool down techniques to ensure safe training and faster recovery

Virtual training is charged monthly in advance depending on the number of sessions required.  Rates are as follows:

30 minute session: 

£30 minimum 1 per week

1 hour session: 

£35 3+ per week

£40 2 per week

£50 1 per week

Weekly check in calls are included free of charge

*£30 requires at least 1 session per week at half an hour each

** £35 per session rate requires minimum 3 sessions per week at 1 hour each